Signature Series Andora Bass Hits

Disco / Funk ⚬ 224 Samples

French musician and producer Andora presents his first sound pack in collaboration with Justesse Sounds. This pack contains a total of 224 one-shot samples (Slides, Hammer-on, Slaps, Muted...)


Signature Series Andora Bass Hits

Introducing "Signature Series Andora Bass Hits", a versatile collection of 224 bass one-shots crafted in collaboration with French musician and producer Andora and brought to you by Justesse Sounds. This unique sample pack is perfect for music producers and composers of all levels and can be used across various genres such as Disco, Funk, Electro, Pop, and House music.

These high-quality one-shot samples, featuring slides, hammer-ons, slaps, and muted notes, are an excellent addition to your existing bass lines or Kontakt libraries. They provide an extra layer of depth and character to your music, allowing for greater creative freedom and expression.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, "Signature Series Andora Bass Hits" offers a valuable resource for enhancing your tracks with captivating bass sounds. The diverse range of bass techniques included in this pack ensures that you'll have the perfect sound for any project.

Explore the endless possibilities with "Signature Series Andora Bass Hits" and elevate your music with this essential collection of one-shot bass samples. Bring new life to your productions and let these versatile bass sounds be the key to unlocking your creativity across a wide array of musical genres!

  • Electro French House (by Andora)
  • French House 1 (by Andora)
  • Hard French House 1 (by ROOTIME)
  • Funky House (by Elemn)
  • Funk with bass sounds (by Goo)
  • Digital Funk : Inspired by TAK (by Elemn)
  • Hard Electro (by Elemn)