Retro Nostalgia

Synthpop ⚬ 267 Samples

Infused with the essence of chart-topping artists, this Synthpop-inspired sample pack offers a versatile sonic palette for your music, all 100% royalty-free. Carefully crafted sounds and included music loops will fuel your creativity and elevate your productions.


Retro Nostalgia

Introducing "Retro Nostalgia", the ultimate sample pack for crafting inspiring and powerful tracks infused with the essence of The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Ava Max and other chart-topping artists. This pack is deeply rooted in the Synthpop musical style and offers a versatile sonic palette for use in your music, even for commercial purposes.

Retro Nostalgia features an array of punchy and crystal-clear sounds, meticulously designed to meet your creative needs. We've invested countless hours fine-tuning each sound, ensuring they'll perfectly complement your projects. To help ignite your inspiration, we've also included a collection of music loops, delivering fresh ideas and endless possibilities.

Elevate your productions with the captivating fusion of retro charm and modern flair found in "Retro Nostalgia"

This pack includes:

31 Drum Loops
28 Kicks
30 Snares/Claps
18 Cymbals
5 Drum Fills & percussion sounds
17 Fresh Inspiration Loops
50 Tonal One Shots
FX + Bonus Files ( 3 Vital Presets)
24 Serum Presets
34 Loops (Synth Loops / Guitar Loops / Vocoder)
13 Midi Files

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